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Living Marxism (LM) magazine

Denial and Defamation: The ITN-LM Libel Trial Revisited By Jamie Palmer, Quillette, November 1, 2019

Poison in the well of history By Ed Vulliamy, The Guardian, March 15, 2000. Living Marxism magazine (LM), in denying reports on a Serbian-run concentration camp, accused a British TV station of distorting the truth about Bosnia. Mr. Vulliamy, who filed the first reports on the horrors of the Trnopolje camp, explains why these Serb apologists had to be defeated in court. For an index of coverage by The Guardian (U.K.), click here.

Guardian reports on libel trial:
Now for the moment of truth by Vikram Dodd, February 21, 2000
Doctor's secret Serb camp photos by Julia Hartley-Brewer, March 9, 2000
High Stakes battle over Serbian guilt  and  ITN in
£375,000 libel victory   by Julia Hartley-Brewer, March 15, 2000

See the British TV videos by Penny Marshall and Ian Williams, Channel 4 (ITN), August 1992
Rough footage filmed by ITN teams and other backup material on the Prijedor concentration camps
Shame of camp Omarska Expose of Serbian concentration camps in the Prijedor region, by Ed Vulliamy, August 7, 1992
"We can't forget" Survivors return to the concentration camp area 12 years later, by Ed Vulliamy, September 1, 2004

See also:

  • We did not fool the world by Richard Tait, ITN, May 24, 1997

  • Living Marxism - Festering Fascism? by George Monbiot, Prospect Magazine, November 1998.

  • Dubious Sources, by David Walls, New Politics, summer 2002. (See the section "Weaving a Fabric of Deceit.")

  • Atrocity, memory, photography Imaging the concentration camps of Bosnia - the case of ITN versus Living Marxism. The article painstakingly demolishes LM's argument and reveals it to be a thin tissue of fabrications, distortions, and lies. Part 1 details the controversy surrounding the 1992 television image of Fikret Alic and others imprisoned at Trnopolje camp in Bosnia, demonstrating how doubts about its veracity were unsustainable. Part 2 explores the historical, political and visual context in which the particulars of the controversy are located. It explores what is involved in the concept of a 'concentration camp', as well as the nature of the Nazis' concentration camp system and the implications of this for the memory of the Holocaust and our understanding of contemporary atrocity. By David Campbell, Journal of Human Rights, March & June 2002.

  • Revisionism Will Cripple Bosnia's Future. By Nerma Jelacic, IWPR, October 1, 2004 (Republished February 21, 2005)

  • Living Marxism (LM): a profile by LobbyWatch.

  • Living Marxism (LM): a profile at PowerBase.

LM's lies about Bosnia have been picked up and redistributed by numerous supposedly reputable commentators, including Edward Herman.
Background on LM: Naming the Genocide Deniers by George Monbiot, June 13, 2011.

John Simpson: I was on wrong side in Bosnia death camps libel trial
BBC veteran apologises for backing magazine that claimed exposť of Serb-run camps was false. The Observer(London), April 21, 2012

Hundreds of thousands of pages of ICTY testimony with respect to the concentration camps at Trnopolje, Omarska, etc.

The Prijedor Report Description of concentration camps of Omarska, Keraterm, and Trnopolje. Annex V to the Final Report. United Nations Commission of Experts, December 28, 2004 (Summaries of all the annexes to the UN final report are available here.)


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