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Reports from the Kosovo Conflict
Racak Massacre
Kosovo Albanians in Serbian Prisons
Historical Background

Post-War Bosnia
Post-War Kosovo
Kosovo Independence
Post-War Serbia
Serbian Nationalism

Srebrenica Massacre

War-crimes Deniers
War-Crimes Trials

Non-violent Solutions

Letters from Kosovo and Bosnia,
by Peter Lippman

Articles by Roger Lippman

The Crisis in SYRIA:
Applying the lessons of Kosovo

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News, Background, and
Progressive Perspectives on the Yugoslav Wars

The crisis in Kosovo found many progressives concerned about the plight of the ethnic Albanians yet distrustful of NATO intervention. A major difficulty for most Americans is our lack of familiarity with the history of the former Yugoslavia. Most people were largely unaware of events there until the beginning of NATO military action.

This site presents a number of first-hand reports, histories, commentaries, and links to other information sources. We sincerely hope that this first-hand perspective will give us the information we need to understand events in Kosovo in their historical context.

We hope that these observations will provide a glimpse behind the headlines into the heart of the Kosovo conflict.

Our present focus is on countering the disinformation being spread in support of enduring Serbian denial of war crimes. This denial is propagated not only within Serbia but outside as well. See War-crimes Deniers.

The Ukraine War:
Misperceptions on the Left


New crisis in Bosnia:
The secessionist threats of Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik

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Ethnic Albanians celebrate Kosovo’s declaration of independence
Ethnic Albanians celebrate Kosovo's declaration of independence.
Kosovo Declares Its Independence from Serbia February 17, 2008 Slide show

World court says Kosovo's independence declaration did not break international law July 2010

Speech by war-crimes denier Michael Parenti
cancelled by U.S. peace group, May 2012
A campaign by progressives, Bosniak survivors, and Muslims
convinced the group to withdraw a speaking invitation to Parenti.

Updated July 08, 2022

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