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 Tonga policy is a good party
The Billings Gazette
December 16, 1973

From the Chicago Daily News
 CHICAGO - Members of Chicago's consular corps received this week what are probably the most unusual dinner imitations to cross their desks during their years of diplomatic service. They read as follows: "The consul extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Tonga, his Excellency Stephen Karganovic, has the honor to request your company at a private party to be given in the consular residence at 3241 North Leavitt Street. Chicago."
 A check with several consulates revealed the dignitaries had no idea that a consul extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Kingdom or Tonga was in Chicago and his Excellency Count Stephen Karganovic no less.
 A CHECK WITH the State Department in Washington brought a similar response. And another negative response came from the British Embassy in Washington, which still handles Tongan affairs though the tiny (29 square miles), South Pacific island won its independence from Britain June 4, 1970.
 Although all those contacted were certain Tonga existed, no one was sure the count did. All indicated they felt the whole thing was a hoax. Mrs. Barbara Ennis of the State Department said: "We do have relations with Tonga, but we don't have any offices in Tonga." Alter leafing through several papers she added: "And according to this, they apparently do not have an office with us." Howard Luge, the Department's country officer who handles the affairs of Tonga (among other countries), leafed through several papers and said: "They don't have a foreign minister, because they don't have any foreign relations to speak of." He explained: "They're a fun-loving people. I've never met any, but that's what I've beard."
 John Taylor, the British Embassy's information director, was no more illuminating. After initially suggesting a call to the islands, be called back to say: We have an office there. But it does not have a phone number there. That's pretty conclusive. "And it seems a fair conclusion that if the British don't have a telephone in Tonga, it seems unlikely that (other residents) would."
 WHEN THE "COUNT" was confronted with the developing credibility gap, he conceded his appointment is only "honorary" and "provisional." Karganovic, whose other claim to fame is his past presidency of the defunct Chicago Chapter of the Committee to End Pay Toilets in America, said that after he added a Tongan stamp to his stamp collection he wrote officials of the kingdom asking to represent them in Chicago. He said he received a reply in October and a formal application is on its way. For those who take him seriously and plan to show up at 6 p.m. Sunday, the "count," a graduate student at the University of Chicago, promises "a very entertaining evening. It's not going to be a drab buffet."

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