Women's Appeal for Peace

29 Apr 1999


We refuse the unacceptable choice between a nationalism that promotes ethnic cleansing on the one hand and a politically and economically driven manipulation of human rights by NATO countries resulting in acts of war that violate recognized international law on the other hand.

We demand an alternative that builds on the crucial role that human rights defenders, feminists, NGOs and peace-loving civil society play in all countries of the former Yugoslavia including within Serbia. Further, we stress the leading role of women in the promotion of peace, democracy and human rights, and in keeping alive human relations between different ethnic, religious and national entities.

Therefore, the undersigned organisations make the following demands:

Cessation of Hostilities:

Peace process:

Redress and the Application of Law:


Asian Center for Women's Human Rights (ASCENT) -

Philippines Center for Women's Global Leadership -

USA Malaya Colas -

Philippines VAWW NET International (Violence Against Women in War Network)

Women Living Under Muslim Laws International Solidarity Network

Gender and Human Security Network

Signatures are being collected to take to the Hague Appeal for Peace. Send signatures until May 9, 1999 to WLUML <wluml@mnet.fr>.