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Programme Declaration of the Serb Radical Party for annihilation of Kosovar Albanians
Posted by Nalini Lasiewicz 28 Mar 1999 10:08:24 EST

Re-posted by Michael Sells (formerly at

The following documents posted by Nalini Lasiewicz show that the organized program of genocide in Kosovo has been planned and well known for years, and was neither a surprise nor caused by NATO efforts to stop it.

See also THE PROGRAMME OF THE SERB RADICAL PARTY, which sets out the plan for a Greater Serbian Theocracy.

"The restoration of the free, independent and democratic Serb State in the Balkans, to enfold the integral Serbhood, all Serb lands, which means that within its boundaries it shall have, in addition to the present granted (octroyee) Serbian federal unit, the Serb Macedonia, the Serb Montenegro, the Serb Bosnia, the Serb Herzegovina, the Serb Dubrovnik, the Serb Dalmatia, the Serb Lika, the Serb Kordun, the Serb Banija, the Serb Slavonia, and the Serb Baranja."


- to expel without delay all 360 thousand Albanian emigrants and their descendants," [along with specific steps for the complete annihilation off all Kosovar Albanian culture, society, social benefites, property benefits, educational benefits, employment, industry, domicile, and existence].




- Excerpts -

Pursuant to the Programme and the Statute, adopted at the founding convention in Kragujevac on 23 February 1991, and in line with the traditions of the Serb Radicals and our great ideological founding father Nikola Pasic as well as the best freedom-loving and patriotic aspirations of the people it belongs to, the Serb Radical Party, acting as an expressly democratic political organization under the conditions of the pluralistic system and opting exclusively for peaceful methods of the political struggle, announces to the entire Serbhood and the world at large that our fundamental political goals are as follows:

I - The restoration of the free, independent and democratic Serb State in the Balkans, to enfold the integral Serbhood, all Serb lands, which means that within its boundaries it shall have, in addition to the present granted (octroyee) Serbian federal unit, the Serb Macedonia, the Serb Montenegro, the Serb Bosnia, the Serb Herzegovina, the Serb Dubrovnik, the Serb Dalmatia, the Serb Lika, the Serb Kordun, the Serb Banija, the Serb Slavonia, and the Serb Baranja.(...)

5. The achievement of the full national, spiritual, cultural, economic and political unity of the Serb people, as well as mutual understanding and solidarity of the Orthodox Serbs, the Muslim Serbs, the Catholic Serbs and the Protestant Serbs. This also presumes the final termination of the civil war, which the communists imposed on Serbia half a century ago.

6. The reassertion of the traditional role of the Serb Orthodox Church in the Serb people; the restitution of all property seized from the Church, and its strengthening as an all-Serb institution, which is above all the parties and does not interfere in the relations between the parties. . .

24. The restoration of the Serb national spirituality, based on Saint Savism, by ensuring all religious freedoms and rights, the principle of religious tolerance and prevention of the state control over the Church activities. In line with this, we are pledged to an immediate elimination of all effects of the communist demolition of the Serb Orthodox Church, revival of its spiritual and organizational unity, return of its Macedonian wing, artificially torn away, and overcoming of the overseas schism.

25. The suppression of the Albanian separatist insurgence in Kosovo and Metohija by all available means, and in order to the relapse of that insurgence impossible, we are pledged to an immediate implementation of the following measures:

- to efficiently preclude the establishment of any form of the Kosovo-Metohija political territorial autonomy,

- to expel without delay all 360 thousand Albanian emigrants and their descendants,

- to prevent any state financial subsidies of the Albanian national minority, and to divert the funds formerly allotted for the purpose, to the exclusive financing of the Serb return to Kosovo and Metohija,

- to proclaim the state of war in Kosovo and Metohija and institute military government for not less than ten years,

- to immediately disband the local agencies of civilian authority and institutions financed from the state budget, which operate in the Albanian language, such as the University, The Academy of Sciences and Arts, book and newspaper publishers and the like,

- to immediately shut down and conserve all factories and other production units, which operate uneconomically because of the systematic sabotage of employed Shiptars,

- to issue emigration passports to all Shiptars, who express such wish,

- as it has transpired that Albania is a state lastingly hostile to Serbia, a belt 20 to 50 km wide as the crow flies along the Albanian border is to be proclaimed an area of strategic importance for our country, and all members of the Shiptar national minority are to be moved from it, with a fair financial compensation,

-all Shiptars, who hold Serbian citizenship and reside abroad, acting from separatist positions there, must be immediately deprived of the Serbian citizenship and forbidden to return,

- all Shiptar social benefits, notably those stimulating an excessive birth rate, must be abolished immediately,

- forcible collection of outstanding communal dues must be undertaken without delay, and tenants, defaulting on their rent, while living in flats owned by the state, must be evicted,

- the real property of Kosovo-Metohija Serbs, which was seized from them by the fascist occupier or the Titoist communist regime, is to be returnedimmediately to its legitimate owners or their heirs,

- to hold no parliamentary elections in that territory until the ethnic structure of the population is restored to the ratio which existed on c April 1941,

- all military and police academies and all military institutions which are not directly connected with the command of individual military districts, as well as a whole series of other state institutions, need to be relocated to the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, whereby we shall provide the conditions for the resettlement of dozens of thousands of officers, non-commissioned officers, policemen, civil servants, their family members and the overall accompanying infrastructure. All Serbs, desirous of living in that territory, need to be given, free of charge, ownership rights over agricultural land and lots to build their family houses and industrial facilities. To all those who move their business headquarters and production units to these lands of ours, and employ there not less than ten workers, we shall offer as a crucial benefit, the exemption from all taxes for not less than ten years,

- to all workers who get jobs in Kosovo and Metohija are to be guaranteed average salaries, twice as high as the average salary in other parts of Serbia,

- retired officers, non-commissioned officers, policemen and civil servants are to be offered as well-furnished and spacious flats as possible in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, as the lasting solution of their housing problems,

- the conditions of the studies in the Serb language at the Pristina university are to be made as favorable as possible.

In our struggle for an efficient and comprehensive operationalisation of this programme declaration, we advocate the co-operation and unity of all Serb national democratic organizations, and we support in particular the political efforts of the Serb Democratic Party in the territory of the presentday Croatia, the Serb Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the National Party of Montenegro, considering them true and worthy champions of the interests of the Serb people in the territories in which they operate. We wholeheartedly support the efforts of the Serb Krajina and the Serb National Council to take the local Serb people out of the control and tyranny of the newly-established ustashi authority.

In Belgrade, 3 March 1991

Steering Committee Serb Radical Party


From "the Radicalisation of the Serbian Society" book published by the

Helsinki Committee in Serbia in 1997


Submitted by

Nalini Lasiewicz


Among other aspects of the platform of the Serb Radical Party are:


7. The final demolition of the personality cult of Josip Broz Tito as the greatest miscreant and tyrant in our history, and elimination of all effects of the fifty-year-old communist dictatorship, which presumes full rehabilitation of the communist persecution victims, their moral and material compensation, and the cognition of the full historical truth about our recent past. Twenty biggest traitors of the Serb people among the living communists need to be brought to people's justice, and all that was usurped or snatched unlawfully by other Titoist dignitaries, who enriched themselves by plundering and embezzling the people's property, needs to be confiscated.

8. The provision of systematic, economic, international law and political conditions for the resettlement of all members of the Serb national minority from the territories of Albania, Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece in Serbia; from the territories west of the Karlobag-Ogulin-Karlovac-Virovitica line, and the return of all Serb emigrants from European and overseas countries, desirous of such return.


10. The refusal to return the foreign debts of the Communist regime as these debtor-creditor relations were established in an illegitimate way. Instead of repaying the debts, we shall offer Western creditors full ownership over the misplaced investments, the factories built with those loans, and let them organize production in them. In this manner, we shall make them import in our country fresh capital, state-of-the-art technologies and Western methods of work and business organization, whereby they will substantively contribute to the solution of Serbia's economic crisis, without shutting down factories and creating a new army of the unemployed.


13. The establishment of a civilized legal order, which ensures the legitimacy of power and the legitimacy of its decisions, and builds the state of citizens, presuming full civil equality of all national minorities, which do not call into question the Serbian state sovereignty and territorial integrity.


16. Raising the question of the responsibility for the genocide and war damages of the people (sic!- trans.), whose members massively participated in the attempt to exterminate the Serbs during the second world war (sic! trans.). This necessitates a detailed and comprehensive record of the victims and the identification of the criminals, especially under the conditions, under which the "Independent State of Croatia" was restored and the new ustashi poglavnik (head) emerged, as well as an all-embracing protection of the Serb population, at the moment facing the threat of the new genodical policy.


21. The transformation of the system of education and upbringing in keeping with the highest world achievements in this field and intentions of the Serb national renaissance, state, economic, political, moral and spiritual renewal.



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