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"Mutt" America, The Religio-Racist Right, and Genocide in the Balkans
Michael Sells
July 8, 1999

In Illinois and Indiana, a racist goes on a terror spree, shooting blacks, Jews, and Asians in a declared effort to free White, Christian America from the "mud people" (non-white, non-Christian peoples). In Kosovo, peacekeepers are coming across the horror of the wells: wells in which the bodies of Kosovar Albanian women and girls, who had been held, raped for days or weeks, and tortured by Serb police and paramilitaries, had been thrown. In some cases, forensics experts have shown that the victims were alive when then were thrown into the wells and either drowned or were killed after grenades were thrown in on top of them.

The numbers of atrocity sites in Kosovo run into many hundreds, perhaps thousands, and the war-crimes investigators can only selectively choose certain sites. This is the continuation of a campaign of "ethnic cleansing" that began in 1992 in Bosnia and lasted in that country for three years. In the areas controlled by the Serbian army every mosque and every trace of Bosnian Muslim civilization was eradicated, including hundreds of mosques and monuments and manuscripts dating to the 15th and 16th century and recognized as masterworks of southeast european architecture and heritage.

Those responsible for such atrocities have ingested one of the most virulent forms of racial and religious bigotry I have ever investigated, an ideology that equates both Bosnian Muslims and Kosovar Albanians with Christ-killers, race-traitors, and genetic deformation. I have spent years studying this this ideology of ethnic and religious extermination and how it is based on the manipulation of the mythology of Kosovo /1/.

While anyone with a sense of humanity understands that these two incidents, in Kosovo and in the American mid-west, are intimately related, and that any murder of a person out of ethnic or religious bigotry is a murder of all humanity, the ties between U.S. racist and Christianist groups (those that believe the U.S. is by nature and must always remain a Christian state) and the Belgrade proponents of "ethnic cleansing" are now become increasingly strong.

In the U.S., supporters of Serb nationalist "ethnic cleansers" are writing that the effort to liberate White, Christian America from the the "browning of America" are like the effort of a courageous Christian Serb nation to liberate itself from the bastarization brought by Albanian Muslims.

In an earlier posting, I outlined the intriguing connections among the GOP extreme right and the pro-Belgrade lobby. These connections included the Serbian Unity Congress, which has the expulsion of Kosovar Albanians as a major plank of its platform dating back to 1991, SRPSKA-MREZA a less moderate version of the SUC, James Jatras a speaker at SUC events and advisor to Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) and the GOP Senate Policy Committee who has written anti-Muslim hate literature categorizing Islam as a "Christian Killing Machine," reviling the Qur'an, and speaking of Islam as the outgrowth of "Heathen Araby."

Most people don't use terms like "Heathen Araby" anymore and few people are as ignorant of the history and culture of Islam as Mr. Jatras, but his stereotypes play play big with the GOP Senate leadership. Others involved discussed in my earlier piece for their pro-Belgrade positions and their ties to the Neo Confederate Right and the SUC were Reps. Dan Burton, Bob Barr, Tom Campbell, and Randy "Duke" Cunningham, the John Birch Society and its journal The New American, and its two most prominent writers, Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho), and Senator James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma). Many of these people intersect through the Rockford Institute, an extreme Christian-right organization dedicated to fighting the non-Christian and non-White threat to White, Christian America. All opposed the NATO operation to stop the 10 year butchery of the Belgrade regime in the Balkans and all recycled standard Belgrade propaganda and many were behind efforts to stop the NATO operation cold, efforts that, had they succeeded, would have allowed the Milosevic regime to carry out what its paramilitaries have said was their goal, the extermination of every last Kosovar Albanian still inside Kosovo.

My original essay has now been updated with information on new figures, such as Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and will include the information below. See The GOP Right, the Belgrade Lobby, and NeoConfederacy Groups: Multiple Connections.

I have also found a number of statements by William Pierce, the leader of the Christian Identity Movement and author of the racist hate-manual The Turner Diaries which inspired Timothy McVeigh to blow up federal buildings. Mr. Pierce is full of sympathy for the efforts of the Belgrade regime to cleanse itself of the non-Christian subhumans. I will be adding this information, published on the web pages of pro-Serb-nationalist organizations, to my full article.

One of the most intriguing additions to that list is Bob Djurdjevic, a columnist for The Washington Times and Chronicles, the journal of the Rockford Institute (the foreign policy editor of which is Srdja Trifkovic, former adviser to such luminaries as Serb nationalist Biljana Plavsic (author of the view that Bosnian Muslims are subhuman and genetically deformed as a result of the conversion of their ancestors to Islam) and a former agent of the Bosnian Serb Republic).

In a preliminary examination of Djurdjevic's columns (all available at his website) over the last few months, here is what we find are his major concerns and claims:

1) Djudjevic has a large photo of himself with one of his heroes, General Ratko Mladic, who has been indicted by the International Tribunal in The Hague for genocide, on his WEB site. In the accompanying article, he ruminates on "How [he] Mladic is talking about himself, and about how the Serbs have betrayed their hero. Indeed, as if reading my thoughts, the man whose approval rating among the Serbs has gone from 80% before Dayton to 93% in a recent poll . . continued almost wistfully . . . "The Serbs should stand up one for all, and all for one." See "Kosovo, Montenegro . . Next Serb Dominos to Fall? The End Game is Near," May 1996.

2) NATO is a bully in Bosnia and the proof is the encounter of British SFOR forces with Simo Drljaca, the accused war-criminal who was killed in a shootout with the Brits. In a Washington Times piece that glorified Drljaca as a victim of NATO bullying, no mention was made of Drljaca's key role in the extermination of non-Serb communities throughout the Prijedor area was mentioned. One would never know that Drljaca had presided over several concentration camps and major killing centers, dozens of smaller killing areas and rape-centers, and annihilation of 500 years of Muslim and Catholic sacral heritage, and the organized destruction of the corpses of many of the thousands exterminated. See NATO's Bullyboys (in Bosnia), The Washington Times, July 20, 1997. For the activities led by Drljaca, see the Prijedor page or the indictments of the International Tribunal in the cases of the Omarska and Keraterm concentration camps, at The Bridge Betrayed: Balkan War-Crimes and Human Rights Page, as well as the voluminous records of human rights workers, survivors, and Serbian dissidents available on the same site.

3) The United States is become a "mutt nation." According to Djurdjevic, this "browning of America" is due to the combination of Wall Street capitalists and bankers, their anti-Christian New World Order (NWO), their liberal lackeys, and the immigration laws that have allowed more non-Christians and non-Whites to enter the U.S. The Washington Times, "Towards a Nation of Mutts: Dancing 'Round the Golden Calf," August 31, 1997. As a special treat on his WEB page version of this article, our social philosopher of the Washington Times becomes a more original. "Blacks are no longer black; they are now African-Americans, thus claiming the entire continent, despite the presence of the white people, like the Coptic Christians, since time immemorial, on this allegedly 'Black Continent.'"

In an article in Chronicles, Djurdjevic expresses similar concern in decrying what he calls the "browning of America" in recent years. See: Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, Vol. 22, No. 12, December 1998, A BEAR IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING, By Bob Djurdjevic, General Section: VITAL SIGNS; Sub-section: FOREIGN AFFAIRS [Editor Srdja Trifkovic]:

"Just as the 'browning of America' has been 'a demographic effect of seismic proportions' since the Immigration Act of 1965, according to Peter Brimelow, a Fortune magazine editor and author of the book, 'Alien Nation,' helping destroy the cohesion of the mostly Christian Europe has been the agenda of the same materialistic globalist crowd. Enter the millions of 'Gast Arbeiters' ('guest workers') from Turkey, Algeria, Albania, Tunisia, Middle Eastern countries... and by the time they multiply and/or bring their own brethren along, Europe will have lost its cultural identity, just as we are losing it in the United States. We will both become 'continents of mutts' . . .""

Djurdjevic's extreme pro-Belgrade and anti-"mutt" views fit right into the philosophy of Rockford Institute chairman David Hartman who is also a member of the League of the South. See, for example, Hartmann's Jan. 1999 article entitled "Reflections on a Texan's Visit to Bosnia," pp. 45ff. Hartman writes on p. 46:

"Specifically instructive are the circumstances in Kosovo and Muslim Bosnia. Kosovo is the heartland of Orthodox Serbia. Today the region is predominantly peopled by Albanian Muslims, the result of immigration from Albania and victory in a war of reproduction. The Albanians have retained the language, customs, and religion of their mother country, and most observers agree that Kosovo will eventually be annexed by Albania. At the rate that the Muslims are reproducing, Bosnia will soon find that Muslims have replaced the Orthodox Serbs as the a majority. Not surprisingly, the Muslims want a strong central government for the confederation they soon will dominate. There is a lesson here that those of us who live close to our national border should heed. Texas was effectively annexed by Americans whose language and culture were alien to Mexicans. Today, Texas has a reverse demographic shift due to immigration and reproduction, and our politicians are pandering to the Hispanic constituency by encouraging the preservation of a foreign language and culture."

5) Djurdjevic has proudly announced that Louis Beam of Texas, one of the major leaders of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States, has volunteered to fight on behalf of the Serb cause in Kosovo. Beam, on his own Web site, has an entire article filled with the standard ideology of Serbian religious nationalism. He writes that the battle of Kosovo in 1389 was the Serbian Alamo, and that just as we must fight to keep the U.S. racially pure, so we must support the heroic efforts of white, Christian Serbs to keep their country from being overrun by subhuman Muslims. Among Beam's many proclamation is the following:

"Thenceforth Kosovo Field became to the Serbian people campo santo, The Holy Field. It is considered by many historians of the Christian Church to be the single greatest tomb of Christian martyrs killed in a single day. No other single larger sacrifice of Christians is known. Rome had it's glory. But Serbia has Kosovo! Each year on St Vitus' Day the Serbs honour the holy martyrs of Kosovo Plain and commemorate that epic sacrifice to freedom and the Faith of Christ with prayer and fasting.

"Such is the history of the Alamo-like stand of Serbian manhood against the invading foes of Western Christian Civilization. Kosovo province is the heart and soul of Serbia and they will not yield it to today's Albanian Muslim terrorists backed by American cruise missiles and B2 bombers. The United States' aggression against the Serbs will be valiantly opposed by the descendants of those who died upon Kosovo Plain. The attempt to break it away from the Serbian nation will fail and America will reap more shame and condemnation for its cowardly bombing of the Yugoslavian people. Like the Mexican commander Santa Anna who called for the Texans to surrender before his troops stormed the walls of the Alamo, Clinton has called for the surrender of Kosovo. He will not get it. And he will make martyrs of those he kills. Liberty and Faith still has its defenders."


American Volunteers for Serbia

4) Djurdjevic explains that Muslims are a global threat and a source of terror to the U.S., as shown not only by the World Trade Center bombing but also by the downing of TWA flight 800 over New York. "They are killing us on the ground (World Trade Center, Saudi Arabia); they may be killing us in the air, too (we hope to find out soon about the TWA 800 flight, preferably from the FBI, rather than the Hezbollah or Hamas)." Washington Times, September 15, 1996. Note the classic use of the undefined "they" of hate literature. Muslims have not been identified as behind the TWA tragedy any more than Muslims were behind (despite a torrent of assumption and accusation) the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

4) The turning of pure-bred Americans into "mutts" is clearly related, if one reads all of Djurdjevic's columns, to the Global Persecution of Christians, concerning which he is one of the prophets. "Yet, the non-Christian batters are still at the plate, swinging and hitting . . . swinging and hitting. . . emboldened by the relative silence of the frightened or stupefied Christians. Which is why it may be time for Jesus again to come to his people's rescue, as He did nearly 2000 years ago." Washington Times, "Christianity under Siege, Toward a One World Religion," Sunday, Jan. 4, 1998.

5) In the same brilliant Washington Times piece you will find this nugget about Kwanza. "Is this [CNN coverage of Kwanza] part of another effort to pry away the blacks from Christianity? Coincidentally, "Kwanza" is actually a Swahili word for currency, i.e., money, according to the Webster dictionary. In other words, the Kwanza followers and the non-Christian NWO seem to worship the same Golden Calf--the Almighty Dollar."

6) And the conclusion? Read it and become illuminated: "Has the time come for the lambs, brought up on turning the other cheek, to rebel against the NWO hyenas, brought up on killing the meek and the mild? Just as the slaves of La Amistad did to their captors?"

7) According to Djurdjevic, Mira Markovic [the wife of Slobodan Milosevic and one of the most powerful figures in the 10 year campaign of butchery in the Balkans] may rival Hillary Clinton in America as possibly the country's most hated woman." Washington Times, "Kosovo: Why Are We Involved," July 5, 1998. Senators Lott and Craig and Representatives Delay, Barr, Burton, and Chenoweth, and the other Belgrade sympathizing GOP congressional leadership must have loved this: Hillary Clinton compared to someone responsible for ten years of atrocities, some 400,000 deaths, 5 million made homeless, and immeasurable human suffering.

8) The ethnic violence and partition of Bosnia will be followed by a division of the United States into New Africa, New Spain, Mormonland, New Hong Kong (The Pacific Northwest), New Jerusalem (New York [--note, the center of the Wall Street NWO]), White Man Protestant Enclave, New Vaticana, and New Mexico (all the Southwest, of course). For this brilliant article, in its shorter Washington Times format and its longer format, with more details and maps, go directly to Djurdjevic's website. Only Mr. Djurdjevic has this prophetic power to see the inevitable fate of what happens when you lose ethnic and religious purity.

9) As Djurdjevic writes in a postscript to his Washington Times "Dancing 'Round the Golden Calf" piece:

"If you're a white Christian American, you may be fairly alarmed now. 'What do we do?' I hear you ask. 'How do we fight this Antichrist who has seized America by her bootstraps?'"

For the solutions, dear reader--if you are a white Christian American--I refer you to Mr. Djudjevic's web page.

This page includes a list of all the articles, with most of them posted in full on the site.

Just go to "Dancing 'Round the Golden Calf" to find out what happens to the Antichrist who has seized White Christian America by her bootstraps./2/


Michael Sells

 /1/ See M. Sells, The Bridge Betrayed: Religion and Genocide in Bosnia (University of California Press, second edition, 1998).

/2/ Note, all references to Djurdjevic's writings in Chronicles and in the Washington Times are based on the copies of these pieces he has posted on his web site and on the identification he gives there.

For more information on FEC records of compaign contributions by the Serbian Unity Congress and on the crimes against humanity in Bosnia and Kosovo, International Criminal Tribunal indictments, and efforts to help survivors of the genocide, see Michael Sells, "Seven Misconceptions about the Organized Atrocities in Kosovo," which is article number 2 on The Bridge Betrayed Balkan War-Crimes and Human Rights Page.

For an excellent source on the Neoconfederate movement in the U.S., including the Rockford Institute and the journals Chronicles, The Southern Partisan, and The Southern Patriot, see The Temple of Democracy site.

See also Michael Sells, "'The GOP Right, The Belgrade Lobby, and NeoConfederacy Groups: Multiple Connections."


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