Humanitarian Law Center Publicly Accuses Former FR Yugoslavia President, His Wife and Son 

By Natasa Kandic
Executive Director, Humanitarian Law Center

October 7, 2000

Is there anyone who does not know that Slobodan Milosevic, together with his wife and closest associates, did everything in his power to steal votes and pervert the will of the people? Is there any doubt about the culpability for the death and destruction in the series of wars waged by Milosevic? With whose money were the mansions, Bambiland, the Kosava disco acquired? Where did the money kept in foreign bank accounts come from? Who dealt in contraband cigarettes, gasoline and our food? Who stole our money through inflation and bank manipulations? Will there be an official investigation? Will the guilty parties be taken into custody to prevent them from continuing their criminal activities or escaping? Unless the new government immediately apprehends the suspects and opens an investigation, it will not be up to the task set to it by the people who rebelled with just cause against such conduct.

The mechanisms of the previous regime are still in place. It is imperative to exclude all compromised parts of the state apparatus when taking the decision to lift their immunity and arrest the suspects for the apparatus long ago proved that its only job was to protect the personal power of the man who gave them their posts and paid them with crumbs of power and the right to enrich themselves at the expense of the public. We must not let them trick us again by reinventing their legitimacy and allow them to re-establish their power. This apparatus must be replaced. What kind of Constitutional Court one day cancels election results only to recognize them the next day? What kind of Parliament remains deaf for years to police brutality, all-out plundering and abuse of power? Need anything be said about the federal and republican governments? Can they really be expected to strip their own leaders of immunity, accuse themselves and have themselves arrested? The key decisions to prevent these bodies from continuing their abuse of power and obstruction of justice must be taken without them, if necessary by decisions taken directly by the President of the country with the support of the public, resolutely and immediately. It would appear that an apology and a declaration of loyalty are sufficient to retain power and immunity.

The new authorities must prevent designs to leave power in the hands of those who first usurped it and then abused it to an incredible extent.

The Humanitarian Law Center publicly accuses Slobodan Milosevic of abuse office, jeopardizing the lives of citizens and general security, depredation, violence against the media and civil liberties, and attempting to steal the election; his wife Mirjana Markovic of complicity in jeopardizing the lives of citizens and the attempt to steal the election; his son Marko Milosevic of plunder, illegal trade, violent behavior and organizing violence.

We do not expect law enforcement agencies and judicial bodies to hurry to take action to this end. We therefore call on the public to peacefully, without violence and respecting human rights, reiterate its demand for justice, and on the new government to take appropriate measures in order to prevent the guilty from continuing their depredations or escaping.

The Humanitarian Law Center remains committed to its main goal: the public must be informed about crimes, criminals must be brought to justice, victims have the right to justice, the law must be protected from abuse.

From Balkan Human Rights List, distributed by "grupa484"



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