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Focus on Kosovo

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(CNN) -- As the Kosovo crisis escalates, the Internet has become a place for all sides to post their opinions. Indeed, there is no shortage of sites, both official and personal, that detail the latest news, views and analysis related to the conflict. Here are several to get you started (Note: These sites are not endorsed by CNN Interactive).

Yugoslavia sites: Political parties of Yugoslavia: Serbia sites: Kosovo sites: Montenegro sites:
  • Montenegro.com
    Posts news, information and links related to state of Montenegro
  • Montenegro.org
    Lists information on geography, history, religion and culture of Montenegro
  • Antena M
    Dedicated to an independent radio network of Montenegro
  • MontNet
    Relates topics on politics, history, people, economy and travel of Montenegro
  • Kosovo and Metohia
    Information on Kosovo and Metohia from the Republic of Yugoslavia site
Albania sites: Allied views: Refugee organizations:
  • International Rescue Committee
    A 66-year-old non-profit, nonsectarian voluntary organization providing relief, protection, and resettlement services for refugees and victims of oppression or violent conflict.
  • USAID: U.S. Agency for International Development
    The agency coordinating U.S. relief efforts
  • Kosova Humanitarian Aid Organization
    Aids Kosovars displaced by war (formerly at www.khao.org/)
  • American Refugee Committee
    An American-based nonprofit organization that aids displaced persons affected by war
    An Australian-based organization for the care of refugees
    A Canadian run agency posts information for refugees in English and French
  • Committee for helping refugees
    Russian committee for helping refugees (in Russian)
  • Norwegian Refugee Council
    A Norwegian-based refugee council with a special section on Kosovo and Albania (in Norweigen and English)
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
    Lists information about the commission's operations throughout the world from the U.N.
    Builds support in the United States for the humanitarian work of UNHCR and its partners
  • Amnesty International -- Refuge!
    An Amnesty International organization for with information about refugees
  • Refugees International
    Detailed information about international refugees with a special section on Kosovo
  • MAP International
    A nonprofit relief organization preparing to assist Kosovo with medicine and medical supplies
  • Doctors of the World
    Provides assistance and humanitarian relief for the Kosovo people
    Features among other things press releases and status reports, information on UNICEF's relief efforts in the region and a secure online donation form where visitors can help provide urgently needed assistance.
  • Doctors Without Borders
    Includes information about relief efforts and international aid.
  • Caritas Italy
    Non-profit organization of the Italian Catholic Church. Is engaged in humanitarian efforts for refugees.
Human rights organizations:
  • Kosovo - Human Rights Watch
    Includes campaigns, publications and news about Kosovo human rights
  • Human Rights Web
    Posts frequently asked questions about human rights, definitions and resources involving the issue
  • Human Rights Net
    Posts information about human rights activities and publications. Formerly at http://www.human-rights.net
General information: Aid/International agencies: